Get Your Travel Writing Published

(previously published as Teach Yourself Travel Writing)


A book giving advice and guidance to readers “who love to travel and long to write about it” – helping them turn their passion into a profession.

Description: An addition to the Teach Yourself series, this practical how-to book is designed to give advice and guidance to those readers “who love to travel and long to write about it” – helping them turn their passion into a profession. (Publication Fact Sheet)


Here’s what others are saying!

You covered more in your book than I have ever seen on the subject of travel writing. I was impressed by the depth of the knowledge. I liked the tone of your writing and got the feeling that you truly wanted all of your readers to become successful travel writers. It occupies a spot in my permanent library, sitting on the same shelf with Anne LeMott’s “Bird by Bird,” Stephen King’s “On Writing” and nearly every other quality book on writing there is.
R. Aikins, Carlsbad, CA

Given my penchant for travel, reading your book gave me better fantasies than any sex book ever could!
D. Eck, San Diego, CA

Your book is a treasure for someone who wants to know if he or she can be a travel writer.
M. Ray, Boulevard, CA

Not only did your book offer invaluable details and experience gained over years of work, but your words transported me to every exotic locale mentioned. It was a most enjoyable read.
S. Anderson, Dallas, TX

Even a novice traveler like myself can find many helpful travel tips from reading your book. I cannot wait until my next trip to use your excellent advice. Bottom line: the book is as valuable a resource for the traveler as it is for the writer.
L. Blakely, Ridgefield, CT

You were right on the money with your comments (in your book) about learning a few phrases of languages before you go on a trip.
E. Dondero, Author, “Worldwide Multilingual Phrase Book: Survival Skills for Over 40 Languages”

I don’t usually write letters to authors, but I just had to thank you for writing Travel Writing.  I felt inspired after reading your book, and decided to actually map out a plan.  My first effort paid off with the email message today from offering me an ongoing freelance writing contract. If it hadn’t been for your explanation of the steps involved and how the freelance writing world works, I would never have made this step.  It feels so good to have a plan and see the results so quickly!
M. Graff, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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