On Location with a Travel Writer

On Location with a Travel Writer

Have you ever wanted to tour a city like Melbourne, Australia, from the back of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle? What about sailing from Monte Carlo on the inaugural voyage of a cruise ship whose christening you attended with the likes of Crown Prince Albert of Monaco? Then there’s skiing Aspen Mountain all day before partying at the exclusive Caribou Club all night.

And what if all of the above were considered a “day at the office,” as it is for me as a travel writer.

Intrigued? Why not join me to see if this is the career for you.

You’ll discover the ins and outs of the trade: learn how to choose destinations and angles, research ideas, utilize travel resources, craft compelling travel pieces, tailor your work for the marketplace and more.

Once you know the basics you’ll go “on location” in San Diego – where you’ll explore and gather material for your travel article and observe how I do it.

Location: San Diego, CA
Cost: $199
Description: the superlative travel writer “field trip,” complete with facts and fun

Email cynthiadial1@yahoo.com or call 858.342.3476 with questions and to register.

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